Justice For Fish – Stop Harming Them

Many people get their children a pet fish for a birthday or Christmas. You can even get one at a fair. The goldfish are kept in little bags all day. I know fish are not as fun as cats and dogs, but we don’t need to kill so many of them.

bagThey can be a great lesson in responsibility for your child if it’s done right. Before you buy one, make
sure you are ready for the responsibility. It can be expensive to bring in any pets. For fish, you need to buy the tank and the food and other supplies. Make some space for your new friend in your home.

Fish can be a great first pet because they are fairly easy to take care of. They make a good
starter pet. They are easier and less expensive than other pets.

Pet fish do offer many benefits. The acting of watching your fish swim in the tank can be very calming. It can be used to make the children feel needed. They can provide a way to learn about underwater ecosystems at home.

They can also be a nice decoration in your home as well. They are a great addition to any room.
They can last for a few years. It is still a responsibility no matter how low maintenance fish are.

Keep in mind, you are responsible for other lives in your aquarium as well. Corals and other invertebrates also count. It can get to be a responsibility depending on how many creatures you have in your tank.

Fish Responsibilities

If you are looking to take care of a full aquarium; make sure that you can be responsible with it. As a hobby, aquarium owners can learn to keep perfect tanks. We don’t talk about it as much as we do with dogs and cats. Fish welfare is important, too. They need to be fed and taken care of as well. Educate yourself on how to take care of your fish. Research which species can live together.


Fish welfare is neglected because:

  • You don’t pet or touch the fish
  • They don’t respond to people
  • You can’t communicate with them
  • Fish don’t cry out for attention
  • They are easily ignored
  • They are cold-blooded

They may not be cuddly, but taking on a pet is still a responsibility that you need to uphold. As for feeding fish make sure that your child is shown how to do it properly.